Saturday, August 9, 2014

Swimmer's Team Awards & CHAMPS Medals & Ribbons available for Pick-up

Welch Sharks Swimmers' Team Banquet AWARDS that were not picked up at the banquet as well as CPSL CHAMPIONSHIPS MEDALS & RIBBONS will be available for pick-up at the Welch Pool Main Entry Desk from Parks and Rec. staff until the pool's season closing week. After the season closing, the awards will be available for a limited time at Centre Region Parks & Recreation main office located in the C.O.G. building on Gateway Dr. in Cato Ind. Park.

When picking up items, please sign the staff provided sheet(s) for the items selected. Thank you very much for a fun filled 2014 summer swim season.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meet Results - 2014 CHAMPS (Ages 10 & Under)

Another great Welch Sharks effort was made by our 10 & under swimmers for their final meet of the season.  Results from Thursday's, July 31 CPSL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Ages 10 & Under) are available at the link below.

Meet Results - 2014 CPSL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Ages 10 & Under) July 31, 2014

A very BIG THANK YOU to the Welch Parents who volunteered and endured the rain and related 30 minute weather delay for the final meet of the season.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet Results - 2014 CPSL CHAMPS (Ages 11 & Up)

A great effort was made by all our Shark swimmers for their final meet of the season.  Results from Tuesday's, July 29 CPSL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Ages 11 & Up) are available at the link below.

Meet Results - 2014 CPSL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Ages 11 & Up) July 29, 2014

A very BIG THANK YOU to all the Welch Parents who volunteered for this last home meet of the season.

Meet Results (Welch @ SPRA)

What a fun filled and competitive swim meet!  In the first meeting this season our Welch Sharks won a hard swum (is that really a word?) meet by just 22 points.  Both teams' swimmers did well but this time the pod of dolphins from SPRA edged our Sharks by 12 points.  It was an exciting meet.

Meet Results - Welch @ SPRA July 24, 2014

Thank you to the Welch Parent meet volunteers who assisted at this meet.

Meet Results (Penns Valley @ Welch) online

We had a fun meet with our friends from Penns Valley.  Online meet results for the July 17 Penns Valley at Welch meet are available at the following link. 

Meet Results Penns Valley @ Welch July 17, 2014

Thank you to all our Sharks who swam hard and parents who volunteered to help run this meet.  An additional thank you to those who donated to assist the Penns Valley Penguins Swim Team's.  We raised just over $160 from the donation jar and are awaiting results from our concession sales to further help the Penns Valley Team with the maintenance expenses related to their pool at The Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Park Pool in Millheim.