Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Come Watch PSU Swim Meet on 11/14

Hey, Welch Swimmers!

The Penn State Men's and Women's Swim teams are hosting a tri-meet this weekend at the Penn State Natatorium. This is one of only two home meets all season. And watching a swim meet is so much better with friends!

Come out and cheer on the PSU teams with your Welch friends on Saturday morning (November 14). The meet starts at 9:00am and the Saturday morning events include the 200 medley relay, 400 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Free, 100 Breast, 100 Back and Diving!

We also plan to walk over to the Creamery for a dessert around 11!

Hope to see you there!
Your Welch Coaches

Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Welch Team Ribbons & Awards pick-up reminder (LAST CALL)

Labor Day (9/7/15) will be the last day to pick up your Welch Swimmer's team meet ribbons and awards from the Welch Pool entrance desk staff.  Welch Pool will be open on Labor Day Monday from 10 AM to 5 PM.  Afterwards the Welch swimmer folders and items will be forwarded to CRPR's office in the C.O.G. Building on Gateway Drive.

Many thanks and have a happy and safe fall, winter and spring.  Hope to see everyone back with the Welch Swim Team in 2016.

CRPR Aqua Dog Day is SUN 9/13/15 at Park Forest Pool

Welch Sharks it is that time again to reward with some puppy pool time of their own your faithful dog-buddy who was so patient ...and of course, well behaved at home while you spent numerous hours at practices and swim meets this summer.

Bring your buddy out to CRPR's Aqua Dog Day on Sunday, SEP 13 at the Park Forest Pool from 1 PM to 4 PM.  They will enjoy the shallow kiddie pool and the main pool areas.  It is a great time for all.  Proceeds benefit additional tree plantings at Oak Hall Regional Park.  See more info below.

CRPR "Aqua-Dog Day" at Park Forest Pool
to fund additional tree plantings at Oak Hall Regional Park.
Sunday, 13 Sep 2015, 1-4 PM.   For local dogs who love swimming pools and trees, this event is sure to please.  CRPR will again offer “Aqua-Dog Day” from 1-4 PM on the 1st Sunday after the pool has closed for the 2015 season.  For $5 per dog, humans of all ages can bring their dogs for a swim at the Park Forest Community Swimming Pool, 2100 School Drive in Patton Township.  Only dogs will be allowed in the pools, and human admission is free.  Proceeds from the event will fund tree plantings at the new Oak Hall Regional Park.   
Event Rules:

  • Prior to admission, all human entrants must sign a Release Waiver PLUS show proof of rabies vaccination and proof of a 2015 Dog License for their pet. Since a chip reader is not guaranteed to be available, paper is preferred.
  • One dog per owner; owners must be age 18+ and are responsible for their dog’s behavior. All minors (age 17 and under) must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Dogs must remain on-leash when not using the pools. Only dogs are permitted in the pool (no humans). Lifeguards will be on duty to provide necessary assistance.  
  • Pet waste bags will be available; it is required that pet owners immediately clean up after their dogs. 
  • Prior to admission, all human entrants must sign a Release Waiver PLUS show proof of rabies vaccination and proof of a 2015 Dog License for their pet. Since a chip reader is not guaranteed to be available, paper is preferred.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welch 2015 Parent Volunteer Drawing award winners

Congratulations to Sue Wilson and Chris Gabany who respectively won our 1st prize ($80 CRPR gift certificate) and 2nd prize ($40 CRPR gift certificate) 2015 Welch Parent Volunteer Drawing awards.  Their volunteer efforts at Welch meets and fun events, as well as the valued time and efforts from everyone else were greatly appreciated and helped make our swim meets and team activities run more efficiently.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the 2015 Welch Swim Team season and we look forward to your return in 2016.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Welch Swim Team 2015 Food Drive Results :-)

Thank you to those that contributed to the Welch Swim Team's 2nd annual Food Drive to benefit the State College Area Food Bank.  Carson & Kate reported that we collected and donated 88 pounds of needed food to our local food bank.  Your generosity towards this worthwhile cause that benefits those in need is greatly appreciated. :-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Color Run Penn State

Hello Welch Swimmers! 
Let’s go for a run! The Penn State Color Run on September 7th.
Sign up today! Bring your parents too, since us coaches probably can’t keep up with all of you!
Sign up for the 9:15am wave: http://thecolorrun.com/penn-state/ We have already created a team you can join during the registration process (saves you money). Select the “Welch Sharks Swim Team” option (you may need to search for the team).

All Welch Sharks can meet at the Nittanyville Rock next to Beaver Stadium at the corner of Curtin and Porter roads at 8:30am on the day of the race. At 8:45am we will head to the starting line together and start the fun!

Please let the coaches know if you plan to be there (welchcoaches@gmail.com), so we can keep an eye out for you!

Hope to see you there!
Your Welch Swim Team Coaches 

Friday, August 7, 2015

State College Area YMCA (SCAY) 2015 Stroke Clinic Info (9/8 - 9/11)

The State College Area YMCA (SCAY) Swim Team will hold it's 2015 Stroke Clinic for swimmers age 12 and under that are not on year round swim teams.  This is a FREE 3 day clinic that will run SEP 8th to SEP 11th from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the SCAYmca located at the corner of W. Whitehall Rd. and Waupelani Dr.  REGISTRATION FOR THE CLINIC IS REQUIRED.

For more information please contact SCAY Head Coach, Steve Power at (814) 231-0340 or by email at spower[at]ymcaocc[dot]org

The SCAY 2015 Stroke Clinic Flyer PDF is available at the following link.

Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 Welch Age Group Individual Entry Meet Point Award Winners

As something new for the 2015 season, we tallied the regular season individual entry (no relays) swim meet points earned by all Welch Sharks Swimmers in their respective age groups:
  • Age 6 & Under
  • Age 7 to 8
  • Age 9 to 10
  • Age 11 to 12
  • Age 13 to 14
  • Age 15 to 18
Based on the totals, at last Friday’s (7/31) season ending Fun-day Friday practice, we awarded a special medal to the top point achiever within each age group and a trophy to the top/overall point leader among all age groups for the 2015 Welch Sharks Swim Team.  The final results were close in some age groups and the overall was also competitive.

With great Welch Shark pride our 2015 Welch Sharks Swim Team’s Individual Entry Point Achiever recipients are:
  • Age 6 & Under:  David Ulmer (93 pts)
  • Age 7 to 8:  Molly Olds (87 pts)
  • Age 9 to 10:  Mackenzie Paggett (90.5 pts)
  • Age 11 to 12:  Annie Geng (83 pts)
  • Age 15 to 18:  Savannah Wilson (89 pts)

Our inaugural Overall Individual Entry Point Leader and Top I/E Point Recipient was from the
Age 13 to 14 group with 110 total i/e points:  Noah Witt

Congratulation to these swimmers as well as the many other Welch Sharks who swam very well this season.

Please contact your Team Parent Rep via email (welch[dot]sharks[dot]swimteam[at]gmail[dot]com
to make arrangements to get the medal if your swimmer was listed above and was not at last Friday’s practice and did not receive their award.

Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 CHAMPS RESULTS w/ CPSL and Team Records

Our Welch Sharks had a very active and productive final two weeks of the 2015 CPSL swim season.  We may have not had the most team points in our back to back TUE/THU match-up against our friendly rivals from SPRA, but we had a number of our swimmers stand out by setting new WELCH TEAM RECORDS.  We also had several SHARKS break both WELCH and CPSL records at this week’s season ending CHAMPS meets.

First let’s recognize and congratulate the new WELCH individual and relay team record holders with a regular season summary of new Welch records.

Welch Regular Season Individual Welch Records:
·         Carter Hardy:
#20 Boys 15-18 50 Free  -  22.63  Date: 7/21/15
·         Colter Long:
#28 Boys 15-18 100 IM  -  55.57  Date:  6/18/15
#38 Boys 15-18 50 Breast  -  27.32  Date:  7/7/15
·         Noah Witt:
#58 Boys 13-14 50 Fly  -  26.43  Date:  7/23/15
·         Garrick Zheng:
#24 Boys 11-12 100 IM  -  1:03.04  Date:  6/18/15
#56 Boys 11-12 Fly  -  27.86  Date:  7/21/15
·         Molly Olds:
#29 Girls 8 & Under 25 Breast  -  20.06  Date:  6/25/15

Welch Regular Season Relay Welch Records:
·         Seth Erdley, Colter Long, Tobias Van Dyke, Ben Gingher
#08 Boys 13-18 200 Medley Relay -  1:41.92 Date: 7/7/15
·         Ben Gingher, Colter Long, Seth Erdley, Carter Hardy
#74 Boys 13-18 200 Free Relay -  1.31.65  Date: 6/18/15

Welch CHAMPS Records=R  (&/or W = new Welch Team Record):
·         Ben Gingher:
#38 Boys 15-18 50 Breast  -  28.12 R  Date:  7/28/15
·         Colter Long:
#28 Boys 15-18 100 IM  -  52.71 R/W  Date:  7/28/15
#38 Boys 15-18 50 Breast  -  27.41 R/W  Date:  7/28/15
·         Noah Witt:
#26 Boys 13-14 100 IM  -  59.78 W  Date:  7/28/15
#58 Boys 13-14 50 Fly  -  25.84 R/W  Date:  7/28/15
·         Garrick Zheng:
#24 Boys 11-12 100 IM  -  1:02.68 W  Date:  7/28/15
#56 Boys 11-12 50 Fly  -  27.21  R/W  Date:  7/28/15
#62 Boys 11-12 100 Free  -  54.83  R/W  Date:  7/28/15
·         Zachary Lambert:
#22 Boys 9-10 100 IM  -  1:17.24 W  Date:  7/30/15
·         Seth Erdley, Colter Long, Tobias Van Dyke, Ben Gingher
#8 Boys 13-18 200 Medley Relay  -  1:41.40 W  Date:  7/28/15

CHAMPS Meet Results are available by clicking the following link.
·         2015 CHAMPS RESULTS

Welch Team Records:

·         Welch Team Records

Thursday, July 30, 2015

CHAMPS (10 & Under) Meet Programs and Swimmer Entry Lists AVAILABLE FREE

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!  Get your FREE 2015 CHAMPS (10 & Under) MEET PROGRAM and TEAM SWIMMER ENTRY LIST

Download for free to your phone or tablet and follow the meet.  Know when and where your swimmer should and will be.  Don't miss their event.  Get your copy NOW!

We still need some Welch Parents to help with seeding/seating and scores/awards.  Welch is the only team presently NOT TO FILL ITS VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT.  Please step up to volunteer for your last chance of the season.  Thanks

One last time....Please

We can do this!

Parents we have received notification that we need to have our volunteer list in by noon today. I know some of you say you’ll wait until the meet to see where help is needed, and that’s great, but today we need to know beforehand. We need volunteers to help with Seeding and Scoring for both first and second half.

This is the last meet, until next summer, that we will ask you to put one last good effort in. We don’t like to beg but we really do need to be good role models to our swimmers and show we put in as much effort as they do. Incentive might be over for this season but we will put your name in the pool towards next season. 

Sun might not be shining right now, but it will be nice and bright this evening. Get your swimmers ready because I know our coaches are ready to go.

CHAMPS at Penns Valley (10 and Under)- Signups


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welch Parent Vol. Noon-time update - 4 is what we need.

Do YOU want to be a member of the FANTASTIC 4?
It's not everyday YOU can become a legitimate SUPERHERO also known as a Welch Parent Meet Volunteer.

Make a difference and sign-up now to be a CHAMPS Meet Volunteer and be a member of something bigger... The CPSL Hall of Just-Us Meet Parent Volunteers!


CHAMPS (10 & Under) - Welch Parent Volunteers (8 needed)

Welch Sharks Parents, we are 2 days from the start of CHAMPS-littles (age 10 & under) at Penns Valley (Millheim – Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Park).  We need to fill 8 more of our required Welch Parent Meet Volunteer spots.  Nice work, but we still have “miles to go before I sleep or is it 23 miles until we swim at CHAMPS (10 & under)?” ...it's both -- see Google Maps ;-)

Unlike a regular season meet which uses two (2) timers and records the average of the two (2) watch times per lane, a CHAMPS meet uses three (3) timers with the recorded time being the watch time that is between the upper and lower watch times.  Let’s fill these Welch Parent positions and root on our younger Sharks to have a great CHAMPS meet.

THU – CHAMPS @ Penns Valley

1st Half
2nd Half
Stroke & Turn

Let’s try and fill these Welch Parent Meet Volunteer positions before WED (7/29) and then be able to focus our undivided attention to root on our Welch Shark Swimmers.

From Welch Pool, State College – Continue on S. Atherton St.(Rt. 322-business) towards and into Boalsburg.  Make a LEFT onto Rt.45 EAST (Earleystown Rd.) at the traffic light nearest Kelly’s Steak House and Boalsburg Motor Cars.  Continue 18.7 miles on Rt. 45 in to the town of Millheim.  The Milllheim Pool at the Soldier's and Sailor's Memorial Park is located just off Park Road in Millheim, PA.  From the intersection of Routes 45 and 445 (aka North Street) in downtown Millheim (zip 16854) head EAST on Route 45 until you cross the bridge. Park Road is the first LEFT after the bridge. Follow Park Road until you see the park entrance on your left.


CHAMPS (11 & Up) - Welch Parent Volunteers (7 needed)

CHAMPS - Team Warm-up Times:

  • TUE (7/28) - AT SPRA - BIGS ages 11 & Up:  Team warm-up time = 5:20 to 5:40pm
    Swimmers please arrive between 4:45 and 5:00pm
    for check in.
Welch Sharks Parents, we are several hours from the start of CHAMPS-bigs (age 11 & up) at SPRA and we almost have all our CPSL required Welch Parent Volunteer spots filled.  Nice work, but we still have seven (7) more to go that I’m confident that we can fill by NOON TUE.
Unlike a regular season meet which uses two (2) timers per lane and records the average of the two (2) watch times, a CHAMPS meet uses three (3) timers with the recorded time being the watch time that is between the upper and lower watch times.  Let’s fill these Welch Parent positions and root on our Sharks to have a great CHAMPS meet.


1st Half
2nd Half

When parking at the meet at SPRA, DO NOT PARK IN WONDERLAND CHARTER SCHOOL PROPERTY.  You can park on the SPRA property or further up on/near SPE Federal Credit Union.

Also, please do not forget THU (7/30) night's CHAMPS (10 & Under) at Penns Valley (Millheim - Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Park).  We need Welch Parent Volunteers at this meet too.  You can sign up for THU's CHAMPS at the CHAMPS (10 & Under) post.