Making Tie-Dye T-Shirts - Friday, June 30th

We will be making Welch tie-dye shirts following your child’s swim practice on Friday, June 30th. Don’t miss out! It is a wonderful way to show your Welch spirit and everyone is welcome to participate (parents and siblings too!). Show off your shirt at practices, meets, and team events!

How to Participate
Buy A Cotton Shirt
Purchase your own white 100% cotton shirts (you can even use towels, shorts, socks, etc...be creative!). Stick with cotton products-if your shirt is not cotton, the dye will not show up well. Wear old clothes the day of the event, so you can have fun participating.

Mark Your Shirt
Mark each shirt by writing your FULL NAME (no initials please) on a doubled-up piece of masking tape attached to the rubber bands so that it is visible and readable after your shirt has been tied. When a coach collects your shirt, they will check to make sure that this is done correctly, so please stay with your shirt until a coach has verified that your name has been marked.

Wrap With Rubber Bands
Here are two helpful websites for designing your shirt! 



Drop Off Your Shirt
We will be collecting shirts for a full week ahead of the event! You can bring your shirts to the pool and give them to a coach during practice times FRIDAY, June 23rd through THURSDAY, June 29th.

We will soak the shirts overnight on the 29th, so please make sure to bring them in ahead of time.
Please tie the shirt into the desired pattern before coming to practice using rubber bands. We have patterns if the kids would like to choose one, and we are willing to help them tie their shirts, but we ask that you please bring rubber bands with you! We will only have a limited supply of rubber bands.

Directions for Anyone NOT Able to Attend on Friday, June 30th
We would love for EVERYONE to be able to have a shirt to wear for the season. If you can't join us on tie-dye day, we can still dye and rinse a shirt for you -- please drop off a shirt that has already been tied to the pool by Thursday, June 29.

These shirts need to have the first and last name of whomever they belong to written in the collar or tag of the shirt, as well as on masking tape on the outside, and when you drop off the shirt you need to indicate that you want us to dye it for you!

Welch Tie Dye Take Home Instructions
  •   Keep shirt in the plastic bag and let it cure/set for at least 24 hours for the brightest colors.
  •   Once set, it’s time to unwrap! This can be done either in a sink, tub or outside. Please note these dyes can still stain. Leaving ties on, rinse under cold running water to stop the dye reaction.
  •   Next, rinse in warm water while you untie the folds and keep rinsing until the water runs clear. You will see a lot of dye pouring out while rinsing...this is normal.
  •   Throw in machine as soon as it is rinsed, running through a full wash cycle. Wash and dry separately for the first few wash cycles. 

Please direct any questions to Coach Gracee

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