General Team Info

Are you NEW TO SWIM MEETS? If so, please refer to the "New to Swim Meets" information sheet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team's Parent Representatives at welch.sharks.swimteam(at)

Central Pennsylvania Swim League
The Welch Sharks Swim Team is a member of the Central Pennsylvania Swim League (CPSL). The CPSL Rule Book is available online:

Other CPSL member teams for the 2017 season include:
  • Lewistown (Rec Park Pool)
  • Park Forest Pool (Centre Region Parks and Recreation)
  • Penns Valley (Millheim pool)
  • Science Park Recreation Association (SPRA)
2017 Practice Times

Monday -Thursday
13-18 year olds 6:45-8:00am
            MW 8-9pm
9-12 year olds 8:00-9:00am
5-8 year olds 9:00-9:45am

Fridays and all modified practices
11-18 year olds: 8:00–8:45am
9-10 year olds: 8:45–9:30am
5-8 year olds: 9:20–9:55am

2017 Welch Swim Coaches
  • Marion Ulmer (head coach) – welchcoaches(at)
  • Ben Gingher
  • Gracee Tothero
  • Fiona Vashaw
  • Jake Witt
2017 Welch Swim Team Parents Reps
  • Mary and Nick Boyle – welch.sharks.swimteam(at)
  • Priya Poehner and Gretchen Brandt

2017 Welch Swim Meets
  • 06.17.2017 - Welch Black and Gold Meet - Welch Pool from 7:30-10:00am
  • 06.20.2017 - Park Forest at Welch Pool
  • 06.22.2017 - Welch and Lewistown at Penns Valley
  • 06.29.2017 - SPRA at Welch Pool
  • 07.06.2017 - Welch at Park Forest
  • 07.13.2017 - Lewistown and Penns Valley at Welch
  • 07.20.2017 - Welch at SPRA
  • 07.25.2017 - Big Champs at Park Forest (11 and Up)
  • 07.27.2017 - Little Champs at SPRA (10 and Under)
Home Meets:
  • Swimmers need to arrive by 4:45pm
  • Swimmers will enter the water for warm-ups at 5:00pm
Away Meets:
  • Swimmers need to arrive by 5:15pm
  • Swimmers will enter the water for warm-ups at 5:30pm

Swim Team Communications
Primary communications to parents will be through direct email and text messages. The team will be using a tool called Reminder to send out messages to parents. Each family must provide at least a primary email address and phone number for urgent communications. Last minute schedule changes and important reminders will be sent to parents. General team information can be found on the Welch Team Blog. Announcements and event reminders will also be published on Facebook.

Parent Volunteers for Swim Meets
Volunteers are critical to the success of every swim meet and our team! Paper signups will be available at the info session/parent meeting and at the first two Saturday practices. Afterwards, a link to the online volunteer signups will be available from the Blog. We ask that all parents volunteer for at least two meets to minimize the impact on all families and to ensure that every enjoys our summer swim team.

Kathryn Witt is heading up our suit order for this year! Suits will be available for try-on at the parent meeting and at the June 3rd and 10th practices (before swimmers enter the water)! The order deadline is June 10th to ensure that our suits are ready for our first meet! Ordering early is important for getting suits in before our meets begin, so please be on the lookout for next year’s order process at the very beginning of the season. We receive over a 10% savings by ordering as a team!
  • Female TYR-splice suit = $50
  • Male jammers = $35
  • Male briefs = $28

Swim Team Apparel
Marcie Rockey will be coordinating the Welch Swim Team Apparel purchase. We will have a selection of Welch t-shirts and hoodies available for cash and carry purchase at the pre-season meeting and at the June 3rd and 10th practices

Stroke and Turn Training
At each meet, several volunteers serve as stroke and turn judges. A free training will be made available to any parents interested in volunteering as stroke and turn judges. The date for this training will be announced. This is a great way to learn more about the strokes!

Concessions at Home Meets
2017 Concessions Sign-ups
Becky Sherman coordinates the Welch concession stand at home meets. This is THE major fundraiser for the Welch Team. Concession sales help fund activities offered by the swim team. Requests will be sent out periodically for concession food donations and also to help with the sale of concession items. Have ideas or want to help? Contact Becky at cookiemama94(at)

  • Food Donations – Each family is asked to donate food items that are sold in the concession stand at all home meets. Please drop off donations during practice times by Monday, June 19. Please refer to the list below for the food item you should purchase and donate (one item per family):
    • Family Name A-C: 24 bottle case of water
    • Family Name D-G: 12 count (12 oz.) bottle pack of Gatorade
    • Family Name H-K: 24 cans of soda (Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Sierra Mist)
    • Family Name L-P: One large package of individually wrapped candy (M&M’s, Skittles, Starburst)
    • Family Name R-S: Large box of individual chip bags
    • Family Name T-Z: Large box of individual granola bars

  • Activities Donation/Welch Car Magnets – Each family is asked to donate $10 per swimmer to cover the expenses of team activities and gifts (e.g., ice cream social, team brunch, coaches’ gifts). When a swimmer has donated their $10, they will receive a Welch Swim Team Car Magnet as a “thank you”!

Additional Fundraisers
  • Sweet Frog – Head to Sweet Frog on July 6th before the Park Forest meet and mention “Sharks Eat Frogs”. 15% of your sale will be donated back to the team! Be on the lookout for fliers to share with friends!
We are looking forward to a great season!